Session 1

Dancing with Bob (Ultimate Reality)

 Stop negative thoughts instantly – with the snap of your fingers 

Trigger feelings and emotions that make you feel good at will

  •  Save time and energy by changing psychological states and focus

Dancing With Bob Part 1

Dancing With Bob Part 2

Dancing With Bob Part 3

Session 2

Don't Take The Finger For The Moon!

• Know your real objective in life by heading in the right direction

• Save yourself pain, pressure, stress, and disappointment

• Feel good with close-ones, friends, and strangers


LECTURE: Don"t Take The Finger For The Moon!

Session 3

Mastering Illusion

• Update perceptions by creating and testing active illusions

• Control all difficult situations by mastering passive illusions

• Be the producer, director, and actor of our own life

LECTURE: Mastering Illusion

Session 4

Installing Your Psychological Firewall

• Banish all fears of rejection, failures, uneasiness or negativity

• Feel innerly confident with everyone you meet

• Be stable and solid as a mountain

LECTURE: Installing Your Psychological Firewall

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